ANTI AGING and LONGEVITY Begins With Disease Prevention!

Americans are said to be the most self-medicated people on earth with antidepressants being the most prescribed drugs in the US.  It’s estimated that 25% of all people will suffer from clinical depression at some time in their life.  While moderate or severe depression can be improved with prescription antidepressants, too many Americans are taking medications to fight off normal human feelings of unhappiness rather than building coping skills to deal with their emotions.

In other cases, doctors for many years have been overprescribing antibiotics. While antibiotics generally work well for bacterial infections, antibiotics will not work on viral infections such as colds.  Overprescribing has resulted in the development of bacteria that doesn’t respond to antibiotics that may have worked in the past. Overuse of antibiotics is known to cause adverse reactions while prematurely aging the immune system and is also linked to a number of illnesses.

We can rely on prescription drugs and surgery or we can rely on our body to heal itself.  We need to prevent disease through fighting off free radicals that cause premature aging.  It’s crucial to strengthen our immune system and rejuvenate our body with anti aging nutrients to fight disease.

Anti Aging, Health and Longevity are Enhanced Through:

  • Exercise – Fitness is NOT a luxury – Fitness is a necessity!  Good fitness is the path to better health, more energy, and optimal performance.  This is especially true as we age!  For the numerous health and anti aging benefits of exercise take a look at my “Exercise: The Ultimate Anti Aging Secret” article.
  • Proper Breathing – Breathing drives the nervous system and provides 99% of our energy. Many emotional issues such as depression and anxiety result from the nervous system being out of balance.  Virtually every health condition can be improved with optimal breathing.  For the numerous anti aging and health benefits of optimal breathing check out my article Diaphragmatic Breathing” – A Powerful Anti Aging Secret For Improved Health and Wellbeing.”
  • Nutrition – If you want to take control of your health, proper nutrition is essential!  Foods high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will boost your energy, strengthens the immune system to fight off disease, and gives the body what it needs to stay healthy.  For more information on nutrition, read my article  “The 12 Healthiest Foods For Anti Aging.”
  • Managing Stress – It’s no surprise that we live in a very stressful era!  Many people deal with stress by overeating or other addictive behaviors such as drugs or alcohol, which only exacerbates the problem.  More productive ways to deal with stress are through exercise, deep breathing, meditation, hobbies, and social interactions.
  • Positive Attitude – The way you think, affects all aspects of your life.  A positive attitude is not only anti aging, but makes it easier to deal with stress, worry, and negative thinking.  Looking on the bright side lifts your endorphin levels, gives you more confidence, and enhances your health.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  It’s never too late to start living the healthiest life you can!  Start today and reap the many rewards of good health and happiness!

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